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Dreams DO come true!

Written by Kris Foss


Posted on September 27 2021

We are really happy to announce the opening of our Newbury, NH shop this Friday, October 1st. This truly is a dream come true, and it would not have happened without our family, friends, and community. 

Community is important. If we didn't realize it before, the past 18 months has taught us of the importance of working together and accessing local resources. Local trusted resources for our food, childcare, social networking, support, and our health. We are lucky here in NH. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains, trails, and lakes. We are part of nature - not apart from it.  This is one of our pillars at Moon Mama Herbals. 

We are so excited to bring herbal products and related gifts, services and educational programs to you and your family. The incredible people who have brought forth their art, creations, potions and lotions to the shelves of our shop have put their hearts and souls into their work and it shows! They represent our New England states well. We are proud of the community of makers and artisans we have brought together - our Moon Mama Makers. 

We acknowledge that when we all do well, we all do well. This business is a true collaboration and vessel holding the magic that each person brings to their art and botanical products. As we open our doors, we hope you will visit us, shop, ask questions, learn, and share your knowledge and experience. From our hearts to yours, Kris and Maria


Inside of store with glass jars lining wall shelves, chandelier, herbal products, teas



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