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Following my heart...

Written by Kris Foss


Posted on May 31 2023

When I started this journey, I let my heart lead the way. I was called to work with the plants and begin a full time career in herbalism. That calling took shape in the form of a hub of sorts. A community of makers, artisans, and learners from all over who shared a passion for all that is from and of the earth. Moon Mama Herbals Apothecary and gift shop was launched. Almost two years later, I am compelled to follow my heart again. 

After a lot of thought and soul searching, I have decided to close the apothecary shop as of July 1st. I have loved every part of getting to know all of the creative and talented makers who have been represented on the shelves at Moon Mama Herbals, and all those who came to workshops, events, and participated in education programs. I have loved getting to know each person who walked through the doors to shop, check things out, or just to see what an herbal apothecary is all about.

What I have realized is that retail, and the hours it takes to operate it consistently, especially the weekends, makes it impossible to spend the time I want to with my family. In our 33 years of marriage, my husband Stephen and I have always had our weekends together. Not having that time has weighed on me. It has also left me without the time and energy to work with the plants and create for myself. 

It’s not a decision I made lightly, but once made lifted a big weight off of me, and that’s how I knew it was right and that it was my heart talking. I’ll continue Moon Mama Herbals online in a smaller context, and continue teaching, Moon Circle, and offering herbal consultation. 
Beginning tomorrow, June 1st, all products in the shop will be on sale at 30% off. Hours will continue to be Thursday and Friday 12-5 pm, and will be Saturday and Sundays from 11-4 pm through June. I will honor any gift cards through June, and will also be selling displays, fixtures, and supplies throughout the month and will post photos and pricing. Please reach out at if you would like to inquire about those.  
Thank you to all who have supported this journey. While the brick and mortar will close, Moon Mama Herbals will continue, and I hope you will remain or become part of that wonderful community of learners and those who are seeking support from the plants for their wellness journey.  
I'm following my heart...
From my heart to yours. Kris



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