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Meet the Maker: Jenny Blaschik & Serenity Essentials

Written by Maria Fowler


Posted on November 12 2021

Moon Mama Herbals is excited to introduce you to some of the many wonderful makers who bring their talents and creations to our online and brick-and-mortar shop. We're asking just a few questions so you can get to know a little bit about them and their products. First up in our "Meet the Maker" series is Jenny Blaschik & Serenity Essentials, who also happens to be a regular guest tarot reader in our shop. 

Jenny Blaschik & Serenity Essentials Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and what drew you down your road to becoming a maker/artist/seller?

My name is Jenny and Serenity Essentials is a one woman operated business. I’m a mother, wife, sister, friend and teacher. Using essential oils, crystals, and tarot to live with intention. I first discovered these tools as a new mom seeking ways to support my family and my own emotional well-being.

After using them for years, I feel called to share them with others. I'm proud to offer high quality custom essential oil blends made with doTerra essential oils, along with high vibrational healing crystals and insightful tarot readings. From my hands to yours, each blend and crystal is Reiki cleansed to promote peace and harmony in your life. I hope you enjoy these offerings as much as I enjoy bringing them to you. May they provide you serenity and light.

What is your favorite material (herb, crystal, scent, ingredient, medium, etc.) to work with and why (or what is your connection with it)?
As the very essence of a plant, essential oils are my favorite material to work with. Scent alone is incredibly powerful to the human body and can affect our mood, spark memories, and even improve cognition, but essential oils work on a physical level as well to support the body in healing. Mixing and creating blends to harness and amplify their power, this is my offering to others.

Creating can involve rituals. Do you have any rituals around making or finding your products or even coming up with the ideas that you can share with us?

It is my belief we must attune our energy with that we wish to manifest. When an idea for an intention oil or ritual spray is beginning to take root in my mind I choose the oils most likely to assist you in raising or shifting your vibrations to match those frequencies of the universe. (For example, Lavender is known to have a chemical makeup to support calming the nervous system.) My process involves a knowledge of both the physical and emotional properties of the plants, trial and error, and working with the blend in my daily life. When an intention oil or crystal is purchased from my shop, before it makes its way to you, it is Reiki to cleansed to promote peace and harmony in your life.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I am most active on Instagram @serenity.essentials. Please give me a follow! You can also find me on facebook and tiktok with the same handle.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, Jenny! If you'd like to purchase Jenny's chakra oils and ritual sprays, you can find them here. And if you'd like to book a tarot reading with Jenny, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to know when Jenny will be in-shop, and book a reading with her in advance!



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