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Moon Mama & Simple Shui™ Collaboration

Written by Maria Fowler


Posted on December 28 2020

Moon Mama Herbals is excited to collaborate with Feng Shui expert, Amanda Gibby Peters, for a kick-ass new year's surprise we'll be announcing over on Instagram this week. Before that though, we wanted to introduce you to Amanda and her company Simple Shui™. 

Amanda Gibby Peters is the voice and visionary of Simple Shui™. She’s been teaching Feng Shui techniques and tips for over a decade, witnessing the life transformations of her readers + clients. Amanda has been called “the Martha Stewart of Feng Shui” – and her work has been featured on Architectural Digest, My Domaine, Food52, Gala Darling, Glitter Guide, AstroTwins, MindBodyGreen, Clementine Daily, Well + Good and Sivana.

You can currently listen to Amanda on Amazon’s Alexa.

Amanda is Dallas-based with an international clientele. She lives with her husband, twin daughters, and their rescue dog, Ruby.

Simple Shui for Every Day 365 Ways to Feng Shui Your Life book cover next to a red candle, orange, and vase of pink, orange, and white flowers

I've been following Amanda's work for several months now over on her Instagram account, bought her book, Simple Shui for Every Day: 365 Ways to Feng Shui Your Life, and have already made copious notes throughout and successfully implemented many of the daily prompts. Amanda was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about Feng Shui, how she got into it, and what it means to practice today. 

When you began practicing Feng Shui, what was the most unexpected aspect of it that helped convince you to go deeper into it?

I came into this practice (a) when everything in my life was in a freefall; and (b) with a hefty amount of skepticism. In those first few weeks of trying out (*testing*) Feng Shui, I made a few changes, expecting nothing to work. But every shui adjustment was acknowledged with a positive change – which had me questioning myself: Am I interpreting everything as a sign?

That curiosity kept me in it along with the irrefutable fact out house was feeling better from all this attention.

Even though there were enough coincidences that should have convinced me something was happening, I decided to test Feng Shui more rigorously. Sitting “in command” at my desk, I sent three cold emails to local PR companies – none had current job listings. Within a week, each of those emails had blossomed into an interview. And a few weeks later, I had a part-time, WFH freelance gig – making exactly the amount I had written down before those emails had been sent. It was in this moment I realized Feng Shui appeared bulletproof and I wanted in.

Accessibility of information is something we are big on here, and one of the things we love about your book, Simple Shui for Every Day: 365 Days to Feng Shui Your Life, is how easy you’ve made starting the process of practicing Feng Shui. I’ve read a few Feng Shui books, and none of them have been as easy to implement as yours. What was the inspiration for doing this?  

I had 2 objectives when this book idea came to me:

(1)   Feng Shui is a practice – and it only works if you do. So, I loved the idea of daily bite-sized guidance that made Feng Shui feel inviting and possible for anyone!

(2)   Having practiced for 15 years, I know this for sure – it is the simple rituals and routines that ultimately cultivate the life and accomplishments we desire and seek. So, the book had to be filled with “evergreen” suggestions that the reader could come back to every year, any time of their life.

Herbalism and Feng Shui have the common thread of supporting the well-being of the people who make it a part of their life. What are a couple of the most common ways you see that support working when people begin practicing Feng Shui?

My favorite rituals are always the simplest – here are three I wouldn’t go without.

The first one began out of necessity. When our girls were babies and toddlers, trying to reconcile efficient tidying while they were awake was impossible. So, I began walking our home at night. Toys were returned to their spots. Blankets and clothes would be folded. Shelves were quickly reorganized back to their presentable selves. I would LOVE our home back to good before bed. Those 15 minutes made all the difference in how I began the next day. Years later when I discovered shui, I made the connection that walking our home tidies its energy, too! 

The simplest ritual I employ for dispersing unwanted/tired energy and preparing myself for “refreshments” (opportunities, possibilities, new ideas) is to sweep – especially around entry doors. Not a week goes by without a good sweep. My motto: When you don’t know what else to do (shui-wise), grab a broom!

Finally, the higher the vibrational quality around us, the better we roll with life. And anything freshy fresh has the most robust and immediate effects for turning blahs into BOO -YAHS! So, for me, it’s fresh flower runs on Friday and fresh fruit refreshments weekly.

Another way I see herbalism and Feng Shui interacting is through ritual. What are some of your favorite Feng Shui-related rituals or regular practices that include herbs or natural resources?

Frankincense is a personal favorite for reinforcing protection and prayers. Whether you burn its resin or spritz the essential oil through your house, “frank” beautifully penetrates the air and encourages intense energies to move along.

I also LOVE working with fresh oranges to lift energy. Oranges are a symbol of abundance, happiness, and good health – so they’re great to keep on hand! Sometimes, I will peel an orange and leave the rinds out in different rooms for 24 hours. Other times, I like to put rinds in a bottle with distilled water and create a “negativity disinfectant” to spritz when the low notes start crooning. Or, I will soak in a hot salty tub filled with several orange rind peels to steep myself in some positive energy.

Rosemary is a house favorite around here. My very first shui mentor, Ellen Whitehurst, taught me 4 rosemary plants in the Wealth area support female financial independence. Add to that rosemary helps clear away negative energy – especially the “poor me” chatter that disrupts your thought process. SO, don’t be surprised if you notice that in its company, your money mindset and moola improving! 

How has people spending more time at home due to the pandemic altered the need for every day shui?

This year has brought into focus just how influential our spaces have always been. Without distractions and the ability to escape, we are noticing the quality of care in our surroundings influences our moods and behaviors. And I think people are realizing that “persuasion” lends itself to the decisions we make and experiences we have. So, the interest in how to “feel good” at home has increased – and with that, it’s heightened the curiosity around ways to cultivate “better energy” within their surroundings.

So much of everyday shui is focused on rituals, and right now, rituals are everything. I believe they’re always a good idea when we don’t know what else to do. Rituals also pivot our power back into the present. And most of all, rituals can untangle our intentions from circumstances. We might not have control over what’s happening in the world, but we can always guide how we show up in it. 

Lastly, where can people find you online for more Shui tips and how can you help them go deeper into the practice of Feng Shui after they’ve devoured your book and want more?

Thank you for asking!

For “must read” tips on the daily, follow me over on Instagram. If you have the time and patience, the scroll is worth sinking your teeth into!

Want to scroll even more? Check out my blog! It’s been around since 2007, so there is a feast of shui waiting for you there!

And if you are craving even more shui, check out my new group consult program! It’s a 6-week course where you shui your home — week by week — with me as your hands-on guide.  




Thanks, Amanda, for taking the time to answer our questions and give everyone a taste of Shui!

Be sure to follow Amanda and Moon Mama Herbals on Instagram to hear more details about our collaboration that will get your New Year off to a fantastic start! 



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