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Spring Events at Moon Mama Herbals!

Written by Kris Foss


Posted on April 01 2022

Spring is in the air and there is a lot going on at the apothecary! Our 10 month "Build your Home Apothecary" launched in February and it is filled with incredible human beings reconnecting with the plants, sharing, learning, and creating! 

In April we have a special event with Kristen Lamb of Petrichor Potions! Kristen will be here to celebrate Earth Day with us by offering Animal Spirit Oracle Readings. Kristen is the owner/founder of Petrichor Potions in Nottingham, NH and has an incredible video blog on Instagram @sweetpetrichorblog Kristen in the Executive Director of an environmental non-profit and she has a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology from UNH. Her gifts as an empath, lover and student of nature, and Mom to her two beautiful children contribute to this wonderful opportunity at Moon Mama Herbals. Her readings will provide guidance and insight to a question or a general message from your animal spirit guides. To learn more and reserve your spot on Saturday, April 23rd from 3-5 pm, click here

Kristen Lamb, a woman with long dark hair and glasses posing outside with a porcupine

In May, we have two incredible workshops planned here at Moon Mama Herbals.

On May 1st from 3-4:30, Tanya Donatelli of Oak Fairy Apothecary in Maine will be visiting and offering an Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms. Tanya will be exploring 11 different types of medicinal mushrooms including history, Identification, extraction, and conservation. Each participant will go home with a 1 oz. bottle of Oak Fairy's Reishi Elixir! Read more and sign up here


Join us for one of these fun and informational events! So many incredible people in the apothecary this Spring! More to come...

Moon Mama Herbals - it's not just a phase!





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