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5 Reasons to Learn about Herbalism

Written by Kris Foss


Posted on November 01 2020

About seven years ago, I signed up for an introductory workshop on herbalism. When I say walking into that workshop was WAY out of my comfort zone, I am in no way exaggerating! My interest won out over my anxiety and my life has not been the same since. It was the beginning of a journey that has opened my eyes and awakened something that is hard to describe. So, what better way to try than a listicle right? My top five reasons everyone should learn about herbalism today.

5) You will never look at your lawn the same way again. It will blow your mind. There are plants that you look at as nuisance weeds today that you will be collecting to immediately ease bee stings, remove stingers, stop bleeding cuts and scrapes, throw in a salad, drink as a tea, or fry up with your dinner. I am not kidding - it will change the way you think about yard care.

4) It will save you money. Many of the balms, salves, beauty products, and other health products can be made in your own home. If you have kids, you can put them to work making it all. They will love it. Trust me!

3) You will unleash your inner witchy wild wisdom! Remember when you spent hours making mud pies, potions, and magic concoctions from ingredients in the woods or your yard? Bring that fun and magic back in your life. It's not just for kids. 

2) You will remember. We have a connection to plants as food and medicine that goes back through the ages. Hard to explain, but it is within you. Herbalism is part learning, part remembering, and a lot of your intuition. Practice and you will remember. 

and the number 1 reason...

1) In this time of uncertainty, you can acquire the knowledge and skill to be self-reliant in providing wellness and first aid support for yourself and your family. There are plants local to you throughout each season that can provide that support. Just as we have learned that we can trust and source locally grown food, we can trust in the plants all around us to provide health and wellness. 

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