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The Solution to What's Next

Written by Kris Foss


Posted on February 23 2021

I had been hearing "if it's meant to be" or "the best solution will come" quite often. Sometimes I have received this message happily and with gratitude, but more often with annoyance and dismissal. Please, if you are reading this and you have said this to me, don't take offense. I know from where it comes and appreciate you. I was just not ready to hear it yet. 

A beloved teacher recently posted about the book "Outrageous Openness" by Tosha Silver. Unsure about the content itself, the cover art grabbed my attention and I gave it a try. Never dismiss the importance of great cover art! Thus began my current inner wrestling match with "offering it up to the divine" or "letting go and not forcing a solution, a direction, or an answer." 

With so many of us trying to understand "what's next" in a world of global pandemic, and trying to anticipate the other shoe we feel is about to drop, this concept of giving it up to a divine being, the universe, God, or Goddess is a challenge! It definitely is for me. I am a planner, a problem-solver, a "fixer." I thrive in the middle of a good logistics challenge. Sitting grounded in confidence that the best solution/answer/direction will appear is not my strong suit. The weird part? It should be. As I look back, it is the times I let go and moved forward without a set answer that the best things came. 

That is how I trusted my husband and I were meant to be together 30+ years ago. It is how I discovered our house in NH, and is how I left my job of 19 years and a career I spent my adult life building (and the salary that went with it). It is how I found herbalism. It is that connection to nature, to the cycles of our seasons, to the world around us that shows us over and over that we can offer it up and trust. I think about this as the Spring Equinox approaches and gardens are planned. I think about a seed as one of the most basic way we let the divine show the way. 

Think about it. Each time a seed is planted there is a letting go. Sure, we can supply water, and make sure we plant in a good location. Beyond that? We are trusting that something other will grow from it. Will it be what we thought it would be? Maybe. Last year I planted hundreds of calendula seeds. I waited and waited and not one grew, despite it's reputation for being an easy plant to grow.  Finally, I saw sprouts of green. I ended up with a huge patch of Mugwort! I had not planted it. In fact I had been warned against planting it in my yard despite how much I love and use it because of it's invasive and stubborn nature. It found me anyway and had volunteered in my yard. A cosmic chuckle that "Moon Mama" had planted sunny calendula and ended up with a patch of silvery magical moon mugwort - artemisia! The star ingredient of our signature Full Moon Tea blend

So, as we approach Spring and there is plenty around us still unknown due to Covid, I am going to stop trying to fix things. Stop trying to anticipate and problem solve. I am going to trust, and let the "divine take the lead" as Outrageous Openness teaches.

Oh - and coincidentally (or is it?) we are hosting a seed swap at 5 Acres Garden Center and Pet Supply on March 20th here in Bradford. A great opportunity to get some seeds to give to the earth and trust! Follow us on Facebook to hear more and participate!! 




  • I agree! When I just said I will trust and put it out to the universe things slowly started happening and continue moving me forward on my path. With that came a calmness I never experienced and am grateful for. Thank you for your thoughts Kris.

    Posted by Lisa Batley | March 18, 2021
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