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Petrichor Potions

Petrichor Potions: Rollers



Petrichor Potions offers roller oils in a variety of blends. All carefully crafted with ingredients that have been ethically sourced and specifically selected to bring you a gorgeous aromatic experience. Created and produced in Nottingham, New Hampshire.


Lavender Moon Roller

A mix of the peaceful and fragrant lavender, and the grounding earth scents of Dalmatian sage and patchouli. Perfect for quick grounding during a stressful day, to help promote sleep, or to just feel special in your femininity! Roll on hair, pulse points, or temples. 

Citrus Morning Roller

Starts off with zingy lemongrass, then invigorating sweet orange, then playful coconut. This is a great scent to start the day, help snap out of afternoon fog, or for those that love wearing citrus scents. 

Meet by Lantern Roller

Evokes a time when cell phones were non-existent and lovers would meet under the moon or by a moss-soaked river bank. Starts off with spicy amber and a hint of sweet orange, then warm vanilla until sultry sandalwood mixes with your skin. 

Ancient Garden Roller

Starts off with sun-loved and floral chamomille and lavender, then moves through earthy labdanum (Mediterranean rockrose resin) and warms to your skin with vanilla. Evokes the wildflower meadows mixed with earthy fires and forest of an ancient Beltane celebration. 

Forest Canopy Roller

Transport yourself anytime to the Northern forest where golden-crowned kinglets sparkle in the sun and the scent of pine and balsam fir are released with each step. This scent starts off with a stronger scent of evergreens but evolves with earthy vanilla and the warmth of your skin. 


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