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Courtney's Dope Soap

Courtney's Dope Soap



Courtney's Dope Soap is hand-poured with sustainably sourced, food-grade oils and local raw cow milk from Robie Farm in Piermont, NH. Courtney uses a cold process technique. Rather than relying on a ready-pour base, she adds each and every ingredient from the most basic level. With cold process soap, a crucial ingredient is sodium hydroxide, or lye, which is used to initiate the chemical process that turns the mixture of oils, and milk into soap! This gives her complete control over the ingredients that go into your soaps, and only the best ingredients possible.

Made with raw cow milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, apricot kernel oil, sodium hydroxide lye, and raw cacao butter.

Some of the scents we carry:

All American

With an alluring aroma that is both tangy and fresh, this masculine scent is sure to awaken memories of walking through high school hallways. You are sure to love the way that this soap leaves you smelling!

Blueberry Thyme

This bar has a wonderfully sweet aroma with great herbal undertones from the Thyme. This is a great scent for anyone who enjoys fruity smells without being too sweet.


This bar is full of the Earthy aroma that is cedar. Whatever the reason for wanting to rub yourself down and suds up with the smell of these fine trees, you are sure to enjoy this bar.

Honey Oatmeal

If you like a gentle soap both in smell and feel, the Honey Oatmeal bar is something that you will love! There are even oatmeal flecks throughout the soap to help add that extra clean feeling without being too rough on your skin.

Lavender Sage

Lavender and Sage are both relaxing aromas that are sure to add to your relaxing experience with this bar of soap. Suds up right before bed with the lovely aroma of this bar of soap and you will be sleeping like a bug in a rug!

Quiet Mind

Quiet Mind is ready to take relaxation to a new level. This heavenly blend of Bergamot, Sage, and Patchouli will help mind and body unwind after a long day. If patchouli is not your favorite scent, rest assured, when blended into this bar it is not at all overpowering.


Give this ancient sweet and woody scent a try if you haven't already. You are sure to be pulled in by the light, yet fragrant scent, and come back for more every time.

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