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Cycles Journal

Cycles Journal - My Moon Cycles Journal


For pre-teen + teen menstrual cycle tracking, wellness & learning.

Support the young ones in your life with their transition into menarche & their early years of experiencing life with a menstrual cycle.

Help your daughters, nieces & young ones with periods build a healthy foundational relationship with their cycles from the start – so they can build a better relationship with their period, mood, body & wellness through daily tracking, journaling & checking in.


  • daily journaling space
  • undated for flexible use
  • mood, symptom & habit-tracking
  • space for notes
  • questions & reflections for checking in
  • some health class info & illustrations
  • youth appropriate
  • introductory level information & practices
  • moon cycle referencing
  • mother & parent-approved!

Created for girls, kids & pre-teens & teens ages 9-17. 

Undated tracking & journaling pages for flexibility of use – ideally used daily for consistency and habit-building, but even if used inconsistently, the journal will still have the same benefits + purpose.

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