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Four Mushroom Immune Complex 2oz.

This blend of wildcrafted mushrooms is one of Rogue Herbalist's award winning herbal formulas. It combines Chaga, Birch Polypore, Chicken of the Woods, and Turkey Tail. These mushrooms are wildcrafted in the old growth woods of Vermont and New Hampshire. They are slow decocted in reverse osmosis maple tree water, before blending with organic cane alcohol and allowing to macerate for a month. This process extracts both the water soluble and alcohol soluble constituents.

Men’s Daily Tonic 2oz.

This formula is the perfect addition for any man. Saw Palmetto berries and Nettle root are prostate supportive while Ashwagandha and Maca are superb adaptogens that help improve healthy testosterone production. He Shou Wu is adaptogenic and deeply nourishing for the kidneys and musculoskeletal system. Clove and Long Pepper stimulate the circulation and build the digestive fire.

Women’s Daily Tonic
A Nourishing Blend of Herbs to Empower & Restore

This formula is designed to build the blood and astringe the Vital Jing! The sweet, tonic roots of organic Shatavari and Dong Quai combine with organic Raspberry Leaf and organic Rose. The wild harvest Damiana brings a bitter, warming, and nervine element to the formula. This tonic is ideal for younger women who wish to build reserves or menopausal women but should not be taken while pregnant.

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