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Herbal Consultations

Welcome to Moon Mama Herbal's consultation practice.

(NOTE: Scheduling Books Currently Closed 11-21-22. Please check back in January)

Adding an herbalist to your health and wellness network has become increasingly popular. However, the use of plants, herbs, in your daily life is far from new. All of our ancestors at some point relied on the plants for food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Working with the plants is a return or remembrance of being a part of nature rather than apart from nature.
My name is Kris Foss, and I am a Community Herbalist and Owner of Moon Mama Herbals. I offer consultation services to support your physical and emotional wellness journey and would be honored to be part of your healthy resource network. My primary focus is working with young adults and adults.


Pre Consultation

Upon booking your Initial Consultation, you will receive an assessment package to complete. It is important that I get a comprehensive understanding of your health history, current health practices, your lifestyle, stressors (we all have them), and your goals. 

Initial Consultation: (75-90 minute Zoom or in-person)

During this initial appointment, my primary role is to listen. You know your body. You know how you feel. I want to hear from you. We don't always have this type of time and attention when we go to a healthcare provider. We will discuss your pre-consult assessment and more. My focus is on YOU.  

Post Consult: (15 Minute Zoom or phone call)

I will develop an herbal protocol for you based on our initial consultation. Herbal protocols will include at least one tea blend, tincture, flower essence, and depending on your needs, a topical preparation. It will also include some nutritional guidance and educational material.  I also routinely connect clients with other practitioners in areas such as massage, reiki, yoga, nutrition, sound therapy and more. 

Consultation Room at Moon Mama Herbals with a round table and chairs, desk and massage table

Follow-up Services:

Single Follow-up: 30 minute follow-up 4-6 weeks after beginning your herbal protocol. 

Herbal Support Challenges: Seasonal wellness challenges featuring a single herb or blend for a limited time.