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Our Story - Moon Mama Herbals

Life can bring unexpected turns and plot twists. It was through a couple of plot twists that Moon Mama Herbals was born. We are two friends who have raised our children and experienced twisty-turny career paths and life journeys. Along the way, we both sought a way to care for ourselves and our families through self-reliance and empowerment. At the same time, we wanted to create and put our intuition and artistic abilities into action. Moon Mama Herbals is the result. 

Kris and Maria – friends on a shared journey!

Kris and Maria standing in the snow in front of a green door with a wreath on it.

Kris Foss is Co-owner of Moon Mama Herbals. She studied herbalism for several years while working full time as an HR leader, diversity consultant, and workforce educator. In 2019, Kris ditched her corporate career to follow her passion as a community herbalist and educator and move to New Hampshire. She is grateful to her teachers present and past, including Lupo Passero, Rebekah Sutter, and Linda Shreve of Twin Star Herbal Education, Rosemary Gladstar, and so many others. Kris is an avid community volunteer leader serving on several non-profit boards in her career and currently volunteering as a peer reviewer for the American Herbalist Guild journal. She is also a certified End of Life Doula.

Maria Fowler is Co-owner of Moon Mama Herbals. She is an entrepreneur with a couple of decades of retail and customer service under her belt. Her other business, Maria of All Trades, is aptly named since she trades in jewelry-making, graphic design, photography, woodblock-printing, botanical ink-making, and a bajillion other crafty things. She also helps writers self-publish their work as editor, proofreader, book designer, and marketing advisor. As we said, life can bring the unexpected, and Maria brings her lived experience with breast cancer and the complementary alternative approach with nutrition and plants that supported that journey. Maria is rarely without a doggo by her side, and is starting to learn about acupressure, energy healing, and herbalism for canines. 


Building an herbal, heart-centered business.

We created Moon Mama Herbals, our herbal apothecary and gift shop out of Newbury, New Hampshire, with plans to expand our reach through our online marketplace. Our shops will bring diverse makers together to offer you and your family wellness and beauty products, herbal education programs and workshops, and an open-hearted community. Moon Mama Herbals has four pillars that we passionately believe in and operate from.

    • We believe that we are a part of nature, not apart from nature. By embracing the plants around us, we can learn how to care for ourselves and others proactively and complement allopathic medicine.
    • We believe that herbalism needs to be more accessible to learn and understand. We can all understand and put herbalism into action through a combination of education and our intuition.
    • We believe that by bringing together diverse makers, suppliers, and customers, we are stronger. An ever-expanding community that respects and values our differences and our commonalities. A community of lifelong learners, skill-builders, and social change-makers. 
    • We believe many others seek the knowledge and skills to be self-reliant in this rapidly changing world. Moon Mama will provide our greater community with herbal products and learning to fill that need. 

We hope you'll join us on this winding, and beautiful path through life. From our hearts to yours, 

Kris & Maria

Moon Mama Herbals is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

Herbalists without Borders logoKearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce logo United Plant Savers logo