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Moon Mama Botanicals

Moon Mama Botanicals: Bath Infusion - Single Bottle



Dreaming of slipping into your tub and soaking in an infusion of salts and flowers but don't have a tub, or want a nice option for foot baths? Our bath infusion bottles are the perfect size for a few foot baths or a single full-body tub soak. Each bottle contains Epsom Salts and pink Himalayan Rock salt with three scents-ational options to choose from.

  • Lavender Luxuriate contains lavender for deep relaxation and soothing vibes. Great for winding down before a cold winter's night.
  • Rose Restore contains rosebuds and smells as if you are lying on a spray of roses - minus the thorns! Lovely for pre-passion bathing or when you are needing to restore some divine feminine energy and juiciness.
  • Calendula Care contains the most gorgeous calendula flowers, together with hints of citrus from grated orange and lemon peel. Pure sunshine in your bath! Calendula is known for her benefit to your skin, leaving it tighter and more supple. She will bring the Spring and Summer energy. 
  • Can't decide or just want all three? Buy 1 of each and save - a Triple Goddess pack - one each of Lavender Luxuriate, Rose Restore, and Calendula Care. 


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