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Daily Concepts Konjac Sponge Pure



The Daily Konjac Sponge Pure is made of 100% Pure Konjac Root from ancient Japanese beauty tradition that we adopted because we value the traditions of beauty rituals that came before us.

The Daily Konjac Sponge Pure is a gentle sponge for your face to clean and cleanse your skin. Konjac is made from a traditional Japanese “jelly-like” food from a strain of potato called “Konnyaku Potato”.  The sponge is highly absorbent and functions to break down dirt in your skin and balance your PH.

Texture: Soft/Gentle (for all skin types)


    Soak your Daily Konjac Sponge Pure in warm water and massage the sponge into your skin in circular motions alone or pair with a cleanser. Use twice a day morning and evening.


      Rinse thoroughly after use and hang up in the reusable caddy. Replace when the writing on the label fades.

      PRO TIP: Hang dry in a well ventilated area.

      * Award Winning Product
      * Best Established Skin Product

      What We Love About The Daily Konjac Sponge Pure:

      • Balances ph
      • No preservatives, no chemicals
      • 100% natural Konjac Root
      • Functional packaging (suction cup included)
      • Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested
      • Vegan and never tested on animals

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