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Daily Concepts Bio Cotton Makeup Removers



We created the Daily Bio-Cotton Makeup Removers so that you can finally ditch your makeup wipes and doing your part to reduce waste!

The Daily Bio Cotton Makeup Removers are natural, reusable cotton makeup pads that can be used with your favorite makeup remover! There are 2 eye makeup removers and 3 face makeup removers, along with a washable laundry bag to both wash and store your makeup removers.

  1. Use your preferred makeup remover or just add water to the Daily Bio Cotton Makeup Removers.
  2. Use the small makeup remover pads to remove tough eye makeup.
  3. Use the larger makeup remover pads to remove face makeup.

After use, place the cotton makeup removers in the laundry bag (included) and machine wash to reuse.

Pro Tip:
Use with your preferred facial cleanser for extra clean results!

What we love about the Daily Bio Cotton Makeup Removers
  • Gentle soft texture, which is ideal for sensitive skin and all skin types
  • The makeup removers are reusable which help reduce waste
  • Laundry bag included for easy washing and care
  • Organic, vegan, and biodegradable, NEVER tested on animals

Gentle (Safe for all skin types)

Components/Materials used: 
Multi-pack || 2 Eye Makeup Removers, 3 Facial Makeup Removers, Laundry Bag Cotton

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