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Half Wild Arts: Body Care



Every Day Oil:

Herbal oil for healthy skin and hair. Excellent for body, hair, face, beards, massage, makeup removal, or any skin care needs. Our herbal oils nourish and moisturize at the same time.

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, calendula, goldenrod, rose petals, thyme. 112 mL

Massage Oil:

Herbal massage oil to reduce inflammation and soothe muscles and joints. Locally grown and handcrafted with St. John’s wort, goldenrod, calendula, white pine needles, organic sunflower oil, and cinnamon essential oil. 56 mL

This item was previously known as Herbal Body Oil.

Traditional Witch Hazel:

Undistilled witch hazel astringent for skin care. Locally grown and handcrafted with witch hazel branches, water, and alcohol to preserve. 112 mL

We make the undistilled witch hazel in this product from our own witch hazel trees using a traditional extraction method. All of our products are infused with locally grown whole herbs and flowers.

Apres Ski & Sport 

Concentrated herbal warming rub to soothe hard working muscles and joints. A little goes a long way!

Locally grown and handcrafted with goldenrod, St. John’s wort, white pine needles, comfrey leaf, organic sunflower oil, and NH beeswax. 45 mL

Green Wonder

More than moisturizer, Green Wonder salve is infused with healing and soothing herbs for extra dry skin and hands. Highly concentrated — a little goes a long way! Recommended after hand washing, at bedtime, or any time your hands need a little extra care.

Locally grown and handcrafted on our farm in the White Mountains with comfrey leaf, yarrow, plantain, organic sunflower oil, NH beeswax, and organic geranium essential oil. 45 mL

Herbal Bug Spray

Delicate herbal scent repels ticks and mosquitoes. Made with yarrow, thyme, sweetfern, and alcohol. Our bug spray smells delicious and leaves you feeling fresh, not sticky! 56 mL

Suggested use: Apply every two hours to repel insects. Not for use on dogs.

Herbal Itch Relief

Apply as needed to soothe bug bites, poison ivy, or any itchy skin. Locally grown & handcrafted with witch hazel branches, water, jewelweed, sweetfern, yarrow, plantain, peppermint essential oil, and alcohol to preserve. External Use Only. 56 mL

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