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Hug Patrol

Hug Patrol: Calm 3lb U-shape weighted wrap



This 3 lb. Calm Wrap is one of the most popular wraps and offers the feeling of a hug for you and or your loved one!

It will feel like a warm comforting embrace that will envelop your senses and help you feel safe and secure.

Many new moms and students find this wrap helps you with restless feelings of anxiety or stress.

The wrap comfortably sits on your shoulders and curves around your neck. This hug can be a loyal friend to It also can remind you of proper posture, also when at your computer.

  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Food-grade flax seed filling
  • Spot wash only
  • Can be enjoyed heated, cooled, or as-is

Antimicrobial, waterproof covers allow for easy use in a medical setting.

OUR COMFORT WRAPS ARE MADE WITH: 100% cotton duck 7 oz (not polyester which is plastic and not healthy when heated). This cotton duck is heavier than quilted cotton and will last longer, and is still very soft.


All our fabrics are Made in America.

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