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Lady Alayna Art

Lady Alayna Art: Handcrafted Cards



Made by local Sunapee, NH artist Alayna of Lady Alayna Art. We have both holiday cards and beautiful reusable gift tags from nature!  

First, we have:

A happy little mushroom home in a winter setting. Lots of ferns and mushroom circles. Holiday lights and candy canes. A little doormat that says home and a shovel to keep the pathways cleared. Big plume of smoke from the chimney and warm yellow light from the windows and lanterns.

One card, blank inside, with a print on the front and signed on the back. Comes with a matching white envelope with hand drawn art on the back. Give it to someone you love and frame it as holiday art!

We also have:

Handmade butterfly and New Hampshire botanical durable laminate marble gift tag set. They come in the size of a business card, 2x2.75” and larger at 3.5x5”. They can be enjoyed as artwork, and as a natural finishing touch to presents that can be reused year after year. 

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