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Petrichor Potions

Petrichor Potions: Anointing Oil



Petrichor never fails to impress and these new anointing oils are no exception!! Available in 10 ml cobalt bottles with glass dropper and bamboo top. 

These oils can be used as a perfume, gentle face or skin moisturizer, or with your yoga, meditation, or ritual practices.  The flowers are wildcrafted from untreated gardens conjuring all of the dreamy, romantic and nostalgic feelings. 

Poet’s Narcissus and Rose

Rose’s spiritual properties offers support around unconditional love, anxiety, and or self worth while Poet’s Narcissus can teach us to take everything in and allow is to put ourselves first.

Ingredients include Poet’s Narcissus enfleurage with organic coconut carrier oil, rose glycerite, and less than 1% wildcrafted white rose essential oil.

Lilac and Pine

Lilac folklore includes many spiritual qualities such as symbolizing love and new energy.  Pagans regarded lilac as magical due to its intoxicating fragrance. Pine is considered eternal as a conifer that remain green throughout the seasons. Step back and forward into your power with this scent born from a happy New England homestead next to the forest. 

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