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Petrichor Potions

Petrichor Potions: Mists



Use as a gentle room or linen spray, or over your head to settle all around and on you. Petrichor Potions offers mists in three distinct blends.

Forest Canopy Mist

Transport yourself any time to the Northern forest where golden-crowned kinglets sparkle in the sun and the scent of pine and balsam fir are released with each step. This scent starts off with a stronger scent of evergreens, but evolves with the earthy vanilla and the warmth of your skin.

Lavender Dream Mist

With healing herbs and those used in intention setting and rituals by pagan ancestors, this is great for dreamwork, relaxation, or even just a room spritz for those who enjoy the scent. Contains Distilled water, lavender, tulsi, blue vervain, alcohol, less than 1% vanilla, and patchouli EOs. 

Ancient Garden Mist

Labdanum has been documented in use in ritual and spiritual work since the times of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. It was first harvested by scraping the sticky resin from the goats that roam the Mediterranean Basin. This spray is perfect for grounding and calming the mind, and can also be used to connect to ancestral guides or past lives.  Contains distilled water, labdanum resin, chamomile and lavender infused organic apricot oil, vanilla, and patchouli EOs.

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