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Moon Mama Artisan: River Road Pokeberry Ink



It turns out that being lazy about yard work turns out to be a positive. One day I turned around and there was a pokeberry bush in my yard, attracting bees and birds, and finally me during October when the berries were ripe. Pokeberries are a deep purple, but the juice (which is highly toxic, so no tasting!) is the most beautiful and rich colors I've ever seen from plant matter. Once pressed, pokeberry ink is a gorgeous, bright magenta that will be the center of attention for any piece of art you make with it. Great for drawing, abstract art, and just playing around. 

Foraged in New Hampshire.

Pokeberry ink made with: pokeberries, water, wintergreen EO

Shake before using; store in cool dry place. Some natural inks fade over time and with exposure to light. 

Warnings: TOXIC! Not for human consumption

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