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Courtney's Dope Soap

Soap Gift Collections - Duo or Five Pack

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Select a package of soaps as a gift to yourself or someone else! Save money by selecting a set of two, or a pack of 5 of these beautiful, handmade soaps from Courtney's Dope Soap in Piermont, NH using raw milk from Robie Farm. They look, feel, and smell fantastic. Please note your soap selections when checking out in the special order instructions.

Not sure which scent you like best? Try out soap ends gift bag! A bag filled with ends of all your favorites! 

A little about the soaps...

Courtney's Dope Soap is hand-poured with sustainably sourced, food-grade oils and local raw cow milk from Robie Farm in Piermont, NH. Courtney uses a cold process technique. Rather than relying on a ready-pour base, she adds each and every ingredient from the most basic level. With cold process soap, a crucial ingredient is sodium hydroxide, or lye, which is used to initiate the chemical process that turns the mixture of oils, and milk into soap! This gives her complete control over the ingredients that go into your soaps, and only the best ingredients possible.

Made with raw cow milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, apricot kernel oil, sodium hydroxide lye, and raw cacao butter. See specific product descriptions for any variations.

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