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Sweet Life Collaboration

Sweet Life Feng Shui Boxed Set


If you already own Amanda Gibby Peter's book, Simple Shui for Every Day: 365 Ways to Feng Shui Your Life, you know how many easy-to-implement prompts she has, and with this set, you'll be able to implement even more! We teamed up with the Simple Shui™ founder to bring you the Sweet Life—an amazing set of scents, salts, and chi enhancers.   

The boxed set includes :
• 3 sticks of Palo Santo (SSfED: January 20)
• 1 Clear the Air room spray bottle (SSfED: September 20)

• 1 Sweet Surrender bottle of bath salts (SSfED: March 25)
• 1 Monkey Brain Tamer roller bottle (SSfED: December 21)

• 3 gold "coins" representing prosperity, abundance, and gratitude (SSfED: Jan. 9, Feb. 1, Mar. 30, Sept. 22)

We include three sticks of palo santo for you to light up and blow out what’s bringing the room down. Or if smoke is not your thing, our Clear the Air room spray includes Frankincense, Lemon, and Lavender essential oils suspended in distilled water and grounded with real amethyst chips to give your space clearing an extra boost of positivity. 

Sweet Surrender has layers of epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, and dried orange peel for you to clean off the negativity clinging to you, while soaking up the positive energy from the orange peel. You won’t want to get out of the tub! 

Monkey Brain Tamer roll-on infuses frankincense, geranium, and lavender essential oils in sunflower oil and has lavender flowers floating in there for some extra serenity when you breathe deep and take in the calming scent.

Finally, we combined the idea of traditional Chinese coins with the concepts of prosperity, abundance, and gratitude. Strung on a red satin cord with a loop for hanging it and knotted together for not losing in wallets—anywhere you need a little extra money umph—are three gold finished coins, each hand stamped (so no sets are exactly the same). The top “coin” is for prosperity and has a ship in full sail on calm waters and a fluffy cloud. The second coin is for abundance and has three acorns. The third coin has a rose in full bloom flanked by two sets of leaves to represent gratitude (doesn’t everyone send flowers as a thank you?!). The three coins have three graphic elements each to beef up the power of three for some super shui goodness. 

Looking for the book? We have a set that includes a signed copy!

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