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Being a witch is not all pointy hats, brooms, and cackling around a cauldron (although that's more than acceptable too). Magic can be found in the every day and ordinary, but sometimes we need to help it along. The books listed here are a few to give some structure and advice to make magic rituals part of your every day. 

Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. by Lisa Lister

A witch is a woman in her power. She's wise, a healer, someone who is aligned with the cycles of Mother Nature and the phases of the Moon. Yet for so long, the word 'witch' has had negative connotations - being used as an insult, a slur and to perpetuate fear. In this book, third generation hereditary witch Lisa Lister explains the history behind witchcraft, why in past centuries the word 'witch' has led women to be tortured, drowned and burned at the stake, and why the witch is now waking once again in women across the world today.

This book will help women to remember, reconnect and reclaim the word 'witch' and its power. It explores the many different versions of witchcraft and their core principles and practices, and shares ancient wisdom made relevant for waking witches, including how to:
- Align your energy with the wheel of the year, the sabbats and the cycles of the Moon
- Connect with and trust your intuition
- Use divination tools such as oracle cards, scrying and rune reading
- Cast circles, create altars and set sacred space
- Work with the elements of nature and use herbs and crystals
- Discover and work with five different aspects of the witch: the Force of Nature, the Creatrix, the Healer, the Oracle and the Sorceress
- Rediscover your powers and manifest your reality with spell casting.

The Green Witch: your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs Flowers by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Discover the power of natural magic and healing through herbs, flowers, and essential oils in this guide to green witchcraft.

At her core, the green witch is a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer. She embraces the power of nature; she draws energy from the Earth and the Universe; she relies on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the land she lives off of; she uses plants, flowers, oils, and herbs for healing; she calls on nature for guidance; and she respects every living being no matter how small.

In The Green Witch, you will learn the way of the green witch, from how to use herbs, plants, and flowers to make potions and oils for everyday healing as well as how crystals, gems, stones, and even twigs can help you find balance within. You'll discover how to find harmony in Earth's great elements and connect your soul to every living creature. The green witch focuses on harmony, healing, and balance with the Earth, but also with humanity and yourself. This guide also contains easy-to-understand directions for herbal blends and potions, ritual suggestions, recipes for sacred foods, and information on how to listen to and commune with nature. Not only will you attune yourself to nature, but you will also embrace your own power. Learn about the world of the green witch and discover what the power of nature has in store for you.

Practical Magic for Beginners: Exercises, Rituals, and Spells for the New Mystic by Maggie Haseman

Start your journey to a more magical life with this practical guide to witchcraft for beginners

For those new to witchcraft, Practical Magic for Beginners is the ideal book to help provide a clear introduction to everyday rituals and spellcasting. Practical Magic for Beginners serves as an extensive resource for all new mystics, regardless of belief system, with instructions on dozens of entry-level practices, herbal remedies, spells, and more.

Discover how easy it is to bring magic into your life with:

  • Magic 101―Explore beginner-friendly facets of practical magic, like auras, crystals, divination, and more.
  • Intuitive organization―Each type of magic has its own section, making it easy to find the instruction or rituals you seek and learn at your own pace.
  • Real-world application―Learn how you can apply these tools and techniques to various parts of your life.

 Don’t miss out on this invaluable volume of practical magic guidance and spellcraft, perfect for the new witchcraft practitioner.

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